Release Notes: Version 4.1.1

Release date - August 30, 2018.


  • Creating a component with the + sign now always creates an empty component.
  • Reduced the footprint of @haiku/core by 30KB (3KB minified and gzipped).
  • We added some helpful tooltips throughout the app.
  • Generally improved app performance and stability for large projects.


  • Greatly improved the performance of Haiku when working with large or complex SVGs.
  • Fixed several app stability issues affecting the ability to merge in design changes from Sketch/Illustrator/Figma.
  • Fixed an issue where the cancel button did not always close the action editor.
  • Fixed several issues where some elements might disappear, lose opacity, or become distored when ungrouped.
  • Fixed several issues that may have caused publishing a project to hang.
  • @haiku/cli now uses configured proxy settings.
  • In @haiku/core, fixed a regression affecting ID-based selectors in bytecode.
  • Fixed a regression where we no longer highlighted the stage title bar action button when a selected element has an action.
  • Made various improvements to the action editor autocompleter.
  • Creating a component using the Toolbar or Library menus now creates an empty component.
  • When creating a component, only the states used by expressions applied to its elements are cloned to the subcomponent.
  • Fixed bugs with Hover/Unhover Actions when attached across nested component instances.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the States panel from updating when double clicking to edit a component.
  • Fixed action button color when element has action.
  • Action editor auto completer got smarter and now replaces correct text.
  • Fixed issues related to timeline scrolling.
  • Fixed spacing on the Library for elements with long names.


  • String templates are officially deprecated. This is not expected to affect any Haiku users.

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