Release Notes: Version 4.2.0

Release date - September 10, 2018.


  • Elements now remain direct-selected through undo/redo.
  • You can now change the email address you use to sign in at
  • You can now find a link to your public profile when publishing a public project.
  • Added the ability to tween percent values (e.g. 25% to 50%).


  • Creating a project with the same name as a previously deleted project no longer shows shadow copies of the old project's design files in the asset library.
  • Fixed bug that could cause some subcomponents' overridden states not to be rendered while editing.
  • Fixed bug that could cause infinite loops to be triggered when using certain Timeline APIs in Action code for Component > Will Mount.
  • Fixed an issue where ungrouping SVGs containing inline CSS caused a loss of styles.
  • Fixed an issue preventing ungrouped SVG elements from receiving display properties from the original SVG.
  • Fixed a rare crash triggered by quickly dragging or scaling elements on stage immediately after instantiation.
  • Fixed an issue where the library won't show the buttons to create design assets if you have a component defined.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a published project might show the wrong version.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Frame Actions Editor to display the wrong title.
  • Fixed an issue where externally hosted image files were not included in Lottie exports.
  • Fixed an issue where adding keyframes on an SVG path property without a tween might result in an empty Lottie export.
  • Improved the logic to create new components.
  • Ensured that locked elements do not intercept pointer events on stage.
  • Improved accuracy of marquee selection in Timeline.
  • Fixed crashes during marquee selection in Timeline.
  • Fixed layout issues with long component names in Timeline.

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