Release Notes: Version 4.3.0

Release date - September 24, 2018.


  • Now you can paste expressions or values into Timeline properties without having to open/focus the input.


  • Improved zooming behavior in the Timeline.
  • Snap lines now have a consistent thickness regardless of the artboard zoom level.
  • Export options are now disabled outside of a project.
  • User Menu -> Your Profile now points to the correct location.
  • Fixed a crash caused by forking certain projects.
  • Added more detail to error messages resulting from attempting to save with invalid content in code mode.
  • Minor fixes to the multiline Expressions editor.
  • GIFs and videos now always show the contents of the main component.
  • Fixed a bug causing Timeline inputs with numbers in exponential format to display NaN instead of the correct value.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the time/frame indicator of subcomponents to update.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Timeline ticker to behave unexpectedly in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Actions editor to unexpectedly close.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Timeline marquee selection to start from within collapsed rows.
  • Added better logic to calculate the size of the Timeline multiline expressions editor on different sizes.
  • Timeline rows can no longer be dragged over the top controls.
  • The code editor is now automatically focused when switching to code mode.
  • Pressing Ctrl during element scaling no longer triggers the context menu.
  • Fixed disappearing elements when re-publishing very old Haiku.
  • Fixed an issue that might cause certain versions of lottie-android to crash when parsing Haiku's Lottie export.
  • Fixed layout issues when importing Figma shapes that have been rotated around a non-standard origin.

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