Keyboard shortcuts & Input


Haiku Animator supports an array of keyboard shortcuts to help expedite your workflow:

Keyboard Input (macOS) Shortcut
CMD ⌘ + T Opens current project in Terminal
CMD ⌘ + Z Undo
CMD ⌘ + SHIFT + Z Redo
CMD ⌘ + X Cut
CMD ⌘ + C Copy
CMD ⌘ + V Paste
DELETE or Backspace Deletes selection
CMD ⌘ + + Zoom Out
CMD ⌘ + - Zoom Out
or Navigates the timeline left and right if the cursor is placed over it
CMD ⌘ + or Moves the playhead
CMD ⌘ + SHIFT + Jumps the playhead all the way back to time 0

You can also:

  • Hold SHIFT while dragging an element on the stage to constrain it's position along the axis the drag begins in

  • Hold ALT before dragging an element on the stage to duplicate it



  • Scroll with 2 fingers to pan the stage in any direction


  • Use Mouse Wheel to pan the stage vertically

  • Use SHIFT + Mouse Wheel to pan the stage horizontally

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