Using the Haiku Animator CLI


The Haiku Animator CLI is the "Swiss army knife" for developers using Animator. You can use it to import an Animator project into an existing codebase (essentially npm install,) or you can use the CLI to directly clone an Animator project to your computer, to access and edit the code manually (essentially, git clone.)


To install, run the following command in your terminal:

With npm: (and instructions to install npm itself)

npm install -g @haiku/cli

With yarn: (and instructions to install yarn itself)

yarn global add @haiku/cli


    haiku - The Haiku Animator CLI — developer utilities for automating Animator actions and performing local and server-enabled actions without requiring the desktop app.

    haiku [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


    list               Lists your team projects
    change-password    Changes your Haiku account password (interactive)
    clone              Clone an Animator project to your filesystem, passing through to git clone
    delete             Deletes an Animator project for your entire team.  Cannot be undone.
    install            Install an Animator project as an npm module, requires a package.json
    login              Logs into Haiku services.  (interactive)
    logout             Logs out of Haiku services.
    update,upgrade     Updates dependencies

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