What is Animator?

Animator is a desktop app for Mac for creating interactive, animated UI components.

This is what it looks like when you start a fresh project:

And this is what it might look like after you've created your Animator project:

With the Animator app installed on your workstation, you can:

  • Bring any Sketch design to life with animation
  • Add interactivity by responding to user events and data
  • Publish your creation as a clean, web-ready component
  • Embed your component with just a few lines of code

But Animator is also a lot more than a design tool.

Animator is for shipping to production: Every component you make in Animator is automatically optimized for production — this is not a prototyping tool. We're building Animator because we believe creative teams should spend less time making throwaway prototypes, and more time shipping.

Animator is for engineers, too: Under the hood, every Animator component is clean JavaScript code that you can always hand-edit, without breaking the link to the source design. No more reworking your handcrafted code as fresh design changes come in. And we provide a powerful API for wiring up your component to external business logic.

Animator is for teams: Every change you make in Animator is automatically tracked in a version control system, so your work is always safe. We've taken care to make sure Animator can integrate with a wide variety of app platforms and frameworks, so your team can try a small sample of Animator within an existing project to see whether it's right for you. And coming soon, you can expect to see features like real-time collaborative editing, branching, sharing drafts, in-context commenting, and more.

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